Lumbar Microdiscetomy

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Hubby went to the neurosurgeon and he wants to do a lumbar miccrodiscetomy and said he could do it next week. We emailed the Dr at MDA and Hubby has an appointment to day with the local oncologist to see if they give the go ahead. Within the next few weeks he will start radiation and chemp for the cancer found in the fatty tissue. I really don’t know how much more of the pain he can take. He is only taking OTC meds and they are not helping. He is sleeping on the floor, standing up for hours during the night. My concern is that he really needs to have this procedure as I don’t know that he could go through radi in his current condition. Has anyone had any similar procedures while still having some cancer? Is it even possible the oncologist will approve this?



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    I can readily identify with your husband's pain.  Herniated discs present an acute pain more intense than cancer treatment.  Both are undesirable.  Herniated discs will put you on the floor while chemo/radiation will put you in the bed.

    My guess is that his oncologist will temporarily defer to the microdiscetcomy IF the onco has ever personally experieced the pain from a herniated disc.  Otherwise, it will be an academic conversation.

    There are prescription medications available to safely manage the pain, more effectively than OTC items.

    Jim - a spiney and a rectal cancer survivor