Friend Passed Away

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A friend of mine with prostate cancer(Stage 4) passed away yesterday.  He had pretty much taken a full course of various treatments (hormone, radiation, chemo).  He never lost hope.  He was always positive. He taught, sung, wrote, and directed, music.  Also, he tuned musical instruments.  He was a gentle giant, who did not say much, but when he did talk, you undertsood the point he was making.  He was diagnosed at age 60 and passed at age 62.  I had talked to him on several occasions about my story and journey.  He was always positive with me.  I will miss him.  So, my friend, you are still here with me; you have lived your life in order to get to the next one.  Rest in Peace.


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    Sorry for your loss

    Sorry for your loss

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    Sorry for Your Loss

    Thank you for sharing your loss (and our loss) with us in this forum. 

    My mother has a plaque over her fireplace mantle, along with a photo of my father, who passed away 7 years ago.  I believe the inscription on it is priceless.

    "Don't cry because it is over.  Smile, because it happened."

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    Thanks for the story, lighter.

    I have known three men who died of the disease, but was close on a daily basis only with one -- Gary.  His battle lasted 13 years however.  He too was cheerful, actually somewhat of a comedian.  His time was quality time, with little imparement from the diesease, until the last six months or thereabout.  It was remarkable to me that he had 12.5 quality years given to him by medical science.

    Living with men like them, it has always helped me keep perspective.  A dribble of urine here, diminished sex there. None of that reasonably matters in the big picture.