Reviews of cancer treatment

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Reviews of cancer treatment:

Advanced minimally invasive technologies, such as interventional therapy, cryotherapy, biological immunotherapy, etc., which bring hope for many cancer patients.

Compared with traditional cancer treatments, it kills cancer cells precisely with few side effects, quick recovery and no harm to normal tissues.


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    Looking for new clinical trials for appendix cancer

    Currently discovering that no other treatments are being offered to my sister who has a recurrence of her appendiceal cancer.  She initially had folfox treatment, debulking and HIPEC.  Now the cancer is back ans she is receiving a treatment called folferi which is a combination of 5FU and another chemo drug.  Any other trials out there?

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    CBD oil

    The fight against cancer is quite a serious problem today. But in the initial stages you can do without chemical interventions into your body. My friend was treated with CBD oil, but as practice shows, this oil has an anti-tumor effect. He orders from a reliable dealer <Content Removed by CSN Support Team>