Scan tomorrow



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    jazzgirl said:

    I'd send him on, but it sounds like he's already moved on his own to others on the list and no doubt headed your way.  Love Boise!  Take care - keep us posted

    I think he has a lot of Santa

    I think he has a lot of Santa Clause in him, he can visit several at once! HA. Will do & thanks.

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    Yay!! So happy for you!!! 

    Yay!! So happy for you!!! 

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    so so happy for you,, Cant think of you beginning to have issues with the sole kidney

    also was not prepared for the level of fear I had at my first scans(I have only had one)

    it was scare city

    Have a great Trip.. no high jinks tough

    Iowa sounds cool.. but it must be if It  made Stubbs.  Lol