Five Years and Still Going Strong




It is has been a long long while since I have been here but turned the corner and it was my 5th year anniversary of ending treatment and being declared cancer free.  In two weeks I return to the wonderful place of hope and healing at MD Anderson Houston for my fifth year checkup (you know what that means -- sniff this stuff and let me take a look with the magic camera - does not even phase me anymore) and am expecting to hear those wonderful words..."get out of here and go live life"! It has been a long journey and still have some issues (need a tooth extraction) but besides that all is well. Hope all is well wiht you wether you are just starting the journey or have been on the ride for awhile...there IS light and life at the end of the tunnel! Now for me it is time for me to get out there and enjoy each day!




  • Clon
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    Congratulations Jon

    I am excited for you.  We are all waiting to hit that five year mark and be declared "cured".  Way to beat this thing!!!


  • tbret
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    I am so glad for you!  To be DONE with it all... finally, absolutely, done, forever, done.  Awesome.

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    Wonderful Event

    This is a wonderful event, milestone, achievement to celebrate along with the folks who gave you the treatments,

    love and support to get you where you are today-cancer free.

    I give you a tip of the hat, round of applause, and a Ye-haaaaaaaa.

    May God continue to pour out blessings on you as you live on.