Non-smoker Female Diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the board as my mother was recently diagnosed with extensive staged small cell lung cancer.  She's meeting the disease head on and we're already going through the standard prescribed treatment, starting with 6 cycles of chemo.

At the same time, father and I have been been perplexed by someone with my mother's profile getting small cell lung cancer.  She's an Asian in her late 50's, never smoked in her life and have no relevant occupational hazard.  The doctors mother saw were all perplexed as well and professed that her case is extremely rare.  This was why we went through multiple rounds of second opinions as all the doctors were unsure and wanted confirmation.  Currently, the team that is treating my mom and University of Chicago Medical Center admittedly has had no experience with someone of my mom's profile.  

Does anyone have experience with small cell lung cancer similar to my mother's profile?  I would love to hear from you and learn where you received treatment.  Since there are so many factors that go into development and treatment of cancer, father and I would love to consult with doctors or facilities who have experience with my mom's profile.  Maybe they have insights we're not aware of.

Thank you all in advance!



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    Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Jeff, since no one has answered your post, I strongly recommend you also post your question on  It is a more active site for lung cancer, and very likely also small cell lung cancer.  Best success to you and your mom.