Love yourself first.



With so many new, and not as many old people on this board, I am writing to say live life, be as happy as you can, and allow yourself to be sad, but not despondent.  With the latest celebrity suicides in the news, some people in my community are lamenting over the loss of these people.  I understand depression is real, however, I was struck last night to read a facebook post to me from a chef, and former restaurant owner in our area.  His wife has Ovarian cancer, was symptom free for 3 years, recurred, and is now 3 or four years symptom free again.  Yet he was lamenting the fact that the A Bordain's death was so hard on him?  I immediately wrote back and simply said suicide was their decision alone to make, and I (and his wife) choose to celebrate our life, after all we fight hard to keep living.  I just want to remind everyone that if you are sad, or in a dark place, tell someone you love, and also someone you don't really care about and listen to them.   See the pain in your loved ones face, then also see the concern in the others face also.  I don't wish to sound all PC about this subject, but I just want to tell you that all of us are loved, and even liked by someone.  If pain, or fear keeps you sad, please reach out.  If this is not appropriate to talk about in this forum, please ignore or ask the monitor to remove.  Hugs Nancy



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    Love yourself first

    A heartfelt post no doubt. Mental illness can be just as lethal as cancer in some instances. It is hard for our society to understand mental illness. Plus our health insurers and self insured employers have gotten away with not offering decent benefits and coverage for mental health diseases. People suffering from severe depression are so sick that they can’t always ask for help when they need it the most. Suicide is so common in the US. I don’ t know anyone who has not been touched by suicide of a family member or friend. “Make it OK” to talk about mental health.... The loss of anyone due to mental health issues is so tragic.