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Hey ladies!

I'm struggling with 2 things. I will address them both,, so let's get the easiest one out of the way. First, my tumor was not estrogen or progesterone dependant, and I am currently using the Estrodial patch. When I forgot to change it in a timely manner, the hot flashes were annoying but the mood swings were REAL! I was depressed, irritable and developed a fatalistic attitude. It was bad. My  new onc. doctor suggested that I shouldn't be on the patch...even though I don't have Lynch or hormone dependant tumor markers. I've been trying Estroven for 9 days. I've had to put a patch back on, because the symptoms were returning. I figured it needs to build up in my system for another week before I try to go without the patch again. My question is: Do any of y'all recommend one supplement over the others? Menoquil? Estroven? Amberen? Profemin? Feminelle? Menosure?

ANY experience or knowledge will be greatly appreciated!

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    Stacey, I'm sorry, I can't be

    Stacey, I'm sorry, I can't be of any help.  For me, UPSC means I am not allowed any kind of hormore treatment.  I was told hormones would feed my cancer.  

    I do hope you can find something to help you with your mood and hot flashes.  I can't tell for sure, but I would suggest calling the doctor's office and telling them what you are going through.  They are probably the best at trying to help you figure this out. 

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    Stacey, My oncologist told me as did my internist that I could not take anything with estrogen in it. My doctor prescribed low dose of Effexor 37.5 mg daily. I no longer take it but it helped a lot. I also avoid foods that are phyto-estrogen or plant based estrogen. 

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    One vote for treating the mood issue...

    Hi Stacey, I am sorry that you are experiencing what seems to me to be the "instant menopause" effect of having a total hysterectomy before the onset of natural menopause.  I am a person who never experienced any menopausal problems--no hot flashes or mood disorder, etc.  I have been treated for depression over the years and probably was taking Prozac at the time I hit menopause at around age 51.  I absolutely honor what must be very uncomfortable sensations that are on top of all that you've been through already with treatment.  I can't offer any insight into the hormonal treatments that might be available to you.  I did once try testosterone cream for low libido for some months before my first recurrence was diagnosed.  I was angry to learn that the gyn oncologist had prescribed it for me after I discovered that testosterone is a precursor of estrogen.  My cancer is fed by estrogen so I don't think I should have used it, though I do believer the  cancer was diagnosable at the time I started using the cream.  I don't understand the histology of these cancers enough to comment on your doctor's assurance that estrogen products won't hurt you.  I am just struck by your current posts that suggest to me that your mental state is pressured by your uncertainty and discomfort.  Please contact your gyn onc and/or your PCP if you have a good one to let them know of your distress and discomfort.  I hope there is some pharmaceutical that will ease your symptoms and help you build up your strength and ability to tolerate what you are going through now in your challenging time.  Please be kind to yourself and insist on getting targeted medical attention for your issues.  Best wishes. Oldbeauty

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    When I had hot flashes, the female PA at my PCP's office recommended that I use Estroven.  When I saw the male PA at the same office at a later date, he told me that Estroven is basically worthless and that I shouldn't bother taking it. He was apparently right as it never helped me at all.  Every time I've had hot flashes, it was apparently being caused by my cancer.  I had hot flashes for a few months before I was diagnosed the first time and again seven years later when it returned.  I never had any for 8 or 9 years after I hit menopause, just when I got cancer and a recurrence of it.