2nd Dx - stage 4 to bones

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First post: Dx 20 yrs ago (age 35) with stage 3 lobular hormone+; treatment was 4 rounds of FAC (Adriamyacin, Cytoxin & 5FU) lumpectomy, then 4 more rounds of FAC followed by 5 weeks of radiation. Hysterectomy & oopherectomy after treatment. 5 year of Tamoxifen, then Arimidex for about 14 years... until Dx last month with lobular stage 4 , triple negative, metastasis to bones. Plan is to try Taxol weekly for 3 weeks, a week off, then 3 more weeks..... then repeat scan to see if it helps.


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    I am sorry you have to go through this again! It is so disappointing that after all those treatments the beast comes back.  Stay strong and keep the faith. I hope the treatments help you! God bless! 

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    I am sorry hear your cancer has returned.  One of our worst fears has came to yet another one of us and it breaks our hearts.

    Keeping you in our prayers. Please keep us updated as often as you can.