Breast augmentation surgery after breast removal..

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Hey! My sister's breasts were removed 6 months before. She had breast cancer and it was diagnosed only in the fourth stage. So breast removal was the only solution. Now, she is perfectly alright and is planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery. She decided to go with the saline breast implant. But I suggested silicon implant. It will be nice if anyone can confirm which is better between the saline implant and silicon implant? What are the steps that should be taken before the surgery? She is going to get the breast augmentation surgery done from Toronto.


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    Saline girl~

    Hi, I had my reconstruction done at the time of my mastectomy, I chose saline for myself because I felt if there was an issue, like a rupture~I felt saline would be absorbed in my body. silicone had me concerned. However, they have come great strides since (2008) and things could be different. My implant is under the muscle, if i understand correctly, a silicone implant above the muscle would have a natural feel to it. Hopefully your sister has done some research, and with her doctors will come up with a plan that is best for her. I wish her the best outcome! Hope my input helps a litttle~