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Hi, I just want to caution women going through this BC diagnosis to be very cautious about using websites that purport to support women with BC. In the age of google, you will find lots of websites.  This site is supported by the American Cancer Society, which is obviously legit. But be careful with websites that are funded by people or companies who profit from BC treatments.  There are some popular sites that appear trustworthy, but before you put your trust in them, look at their corporate sponsor page to see who is funding the site. If they are getting large sums of money from drug companies, take any advice with a grain of salt. Some of the sites funded by pharmaceutical companies have paid employees posing as unpaid patients posting medical advice .  Check to see their qualifications.  Ask them what their qualifications are and whether they are paid to give advice. Just a word of caution. We can trust our doctors and hospitals and they usually have good websites with information.  Be careful who you trust online!