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Hi there,

I was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and still dumb founded about it.  I'm in the hospital trying to get my blood numbers better so I can start chemo.  9 years ago I had a rare and aggressive small cell uterine cancer and the treatments that saved my life now have resulted in leukemia.  I'm scared about going through all the cancer treatments again, but will do my best of course.  I am lucky to have good family and friends support and access to the best medical care.  But really, another cancer, I wish it wasn't so!


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    hello i to am on a new journy

    hello i to am on a new journy my 3rd time had cervical and overian now waiting on bone marrow byopsy and not holding up well your so lucky to have your family through this i wish mine was with me they dont evn know yet im noot even sure im going to contact them at least after reading your post i dont feel quite so alone ty