Rough day today

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I am about 2 months post op after a radical nephrectomy to remove my left kidney and the nearly 14cm tumor.  At the time there were no signs of metastasis, clear margins, lymph nodes clear, etc.  The pathology came back as an agressive type of uRCC but the surgeon and urology team was pretty confident they caught it in time.  Well ... not so lucky.  A mass started to form on the back of my thigh and grew pretty rapidly and I also started to have dry coughs with an odd sound when I fully inhaled.  I went to see my primary care doctor as I had not been referred to an oncologist.  She ordered a chest X-Ray and an MRI for my leg.  The chest X-ray showed some possible nodules so a chest CT was ordered.  I had the MRI yesterday and found out this morning that it was confirmed to be malignant and they needed to perform a biopsy to determine if it was RCC or another type of cancer.  I got the biopsy today and the results should be back by monday.  I had the CT scan and just got a call from my doctor to review the results - I have a new 2.9 cm mass in my right lung that was not on my previous scans from 3/31, the lymph nodes are enlarged and there are several smaller nodules.  HOLY CRAP that is a lot to process in one day.  My doctor has referred me to an oncologist and hopefully I will get in early next week.  Obviously this cancer is agressive so time is not on my side.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you all!



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    Are definitely in my prayers today..

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    A lot to process

    Oh, Mark, what a lot to find out in such a short time - and now the wait for the biopsy results as well.  I hope you can get in with the oncologist as soon as possible and get guidance, treatment - something to deal with it all.  I hope you have supportive family and friends surrounding you.  and yes, thoughts and prayers from me.  

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    Just said a prayer

    I just said a prayer for you.  


    Check out a website called smart patients There is a lot of great infomation there.  



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    Yikes, multi-whammy. Thoughts and prayers? You got 'em. 

    So glad that you went to your physician and she followed up with tests and your referral.

    Keep us posted --

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    That is a lot to process!  Best wishes for the best results possible...keep us informed.



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    Man, that is a lot to process

    Man, that is a lot to process.  My stomach just sank for you.  Thinking of you and hoping that you get a good plan of care in place very soon.  

    Prayers for quick treatment and good results.  Hang in there and lean on us and others in your life for support.

    You got this!


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    try to stay calm...I know easy for me to say

    fear is a terrible thing

    my prayers are indeed with you

    you sound a special guy.. your writing is amazing

    i pray you get a quick and fast response




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    Praying for you

    That stinks.  Don't give up.


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    I'm actually surprised

    At the reaction of the doctor even after your surgery.  The size of you tumor alone would have to cause some concern with them.  


    I know you are going to Mayo--so I hope they put you in the hands of an excellent oncologist.  Prayers being sent your way--Keep us in the loop.


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    You're in my thoughts. I'm so

    You're in my thoughts. I'm so sorry you're dealing with all this and keeping my fingers crossed that your oncologist will come up with a solid plan of action. I hate this disease!

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    Thinking of you

    I am thinking and praying for you! 

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    I just hate hearing this news

    I just hate hearing this news. Was SO hoping that would be the end of it for you after the surgery. Well, now with a good Oncologist, maybe you can get on top of this and beat it. This aggressive kind is frightening, that is for sure. Hang tough, you're a fighter!!

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    It seems from your postings, and I hope, that you are still free from obvious symptoms. 

    Radiology reports can seem scary and are definitely cause for concern, so I hope the biopsy results are at least definitive.  If it is mRCC, make sure you check out all options.  Immunotherapy has worked for many on this site including myself, but have a good discussion with your oncologist and get something started asap.

    Best wishes,


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    You are in my thoughts and

    You are in my thoughts and prayers

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that your medical team comes up with a good decision how to fight with it.

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    Big hugs and prayers

    Praying hard for great results.  

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    Tummy Support

    I need to find a support band for my tummy to use during the healing process.  8 days post op from rt kidney removal.  Any recommendations?   Tired today. I was kind of too upbeat after surgery but today I am crashing.  Think sleep is in order.  Thanks for your respoonses.

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    Hugs... Please don't give up!

    Hugs... Please don't give up!

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    Thank you all

    Cancer won this round but I am going to win the fight. FU cancer!! My amazing doctor fast tracked me to THE oncologist for kidney cancer. I meet with him on Tuesday. I am so thankful for the prayers and support. These last few days have been very hard but no one ever said this was going to be easy. One day at a time. 

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    That's the spirit. You can

    That's the spirit. You can kick this. Hang tough, and we're all pulling for you. Please keep us posted. Yes, one day at a time and you can do it.

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    So glad your doctor found you

    So glad your doctor found you the perfect specialist. Hang in there; cancer didn't win anything. Not even this round.