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I'm reaching out in hopes that someone else may or may not be experiencing the same story but would like to share their experience with me. He, boyfriend is at Kotsansis Institute right now learning about things that can help him during the radiation and chemo treatment which will be starting on June 13th. We both have no idea how this will affect him of course and he is covering his bases for ideas to help himself. He found out about this Kostansis Institute online, reached out to them and drove from Houston to Grapevine Texas yesterday morning when he heard he had to be there this AM to register for their next class. This was all a surprise to me and him on the unexpected trip. Talked to him today and he won't be back home here in Houston, until June 6th. He is a smart man and I'm sure he is doing the right thing. My fear, now is, he doesn't check in with his body or talk about what he is feeling. He is learning this now and it may be a blessing for him if he decides to start doing this and continue.

Has anyone heard of this place good or bad? I couldn't find any reviews. He is optimistic and questions, so I know he will make up his own mind, but I'm just curious about this place.



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    I dont know anything about

    I dont know anything about that institute.  I live in Wisconsin.

    My wife went through 11 months of chemotherapy.  Here is what I learned on the journey.

    1. My wife slept a lot and I mean a lot.  Probably 12-16 hours a day of sleep.  The drugs/medicine
    they take are very powerful and your boyfriend will want sleep more than anything. Plus he probably
    shouldnt drive.  Maybe in the first 2 weeks he will be fine, but eventually someone has to step in and
    drive him.

    2. My wife said she couldnt taste anything.  Nor did she want to eat much.  I made her soup every day.  

    3. My wife was bored, big time.  Chemotherapy took like 4 hours and she just sat there bored.  Then
    she was around the house bored.  She got an apartment for the 11 months she was going through
    chemotherapy and I have no doubt she sat around that apartment doing nothing.  I did get my wife
    a cross-stitch kit and she worked on that sometimes.  Get your boyfriend a book or some activity to work on.

    4. My wife lost her hair in week 3.  So if your boyfriend is concerned about his hair, then get him a hat
    or something to cover his head.  I got my wife 2 knitted caps from some website and she hated both.  The day
    her hair feel out (and it all came out on one day), she put one of those wool caps on and never took it
    off for a year.  Get one of those hats or caps now. Get two just in case.

    In my opinion, being a caregiver for someone going through chemotherapy was not difficult.  I gave her
    rides and talked to her and prepared meals.  She lived in an apartment and I visited.  But overall, it
    was not stressful for me, the caregiver, at all.  In my opinion, the work for the caregiver begins when
    the chemotherapy stops.  Does you boyfriend get off the couch and start doing something with his life?
    Is he active, have friends, participate or want to participate in things again, or does he just sit on the
    couch all day and complain and have a poor attitude?  Your hope for the best but prepare for the

    Last but not least, all of these cancer institutes are businesses (in my opinion) and business is brisk.
    I was floored at the number of people coming for chemotherapy.  The one regret I have is not asking
    more about the specific drugs they planned on giving my wife.  My wife took tamoxifen and tamoxifen
    has some very serious side effects.  Tamoxifen also causes cancer in some cases (you can read about it
    online).  What specific drugs do they plan on giving your boyfriend?  Find out then research them online.
    Then ask "are these the best drugs to be taking", "what are the side effects (all of the cancer drugs have
    side effects)", "what other drugs do you recommend".  In my opinion, tamoxifen is/was pure poison and
    the side effects were just awful.  Go look up the phrase "chemo rage" on google.

    I hope this helps.  Email anytime.