Vaginal cancer

I finished vaginal radiation two weeks ago and I am still in pain and don't feel that I am healing at all.  I have been using neosporin and soaking in baths with baking soda per dr directions.  I even stayed out of work for a few days straight hoping that would help.  It seemed to bit when I went back to work it went back to how it was.  Hiw are you supposed to heal when you keep walking around and urinating?


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    Gvanhoy, I am a visitor from

    Gvanhoy, I am a visitor from the Uterine board, but I just wanted to add that radiation can continue to work for up to six weeks after you finish treatment, but I am guessing you had radiation burns?  I would recommend you call the doctor's office and see if they have some suggestions.  I hope you start to heal soon.