throat cancer after rediation and chemo


How inportant are floride treatments after 35 radition and 8 chemo treatments? 


  • corleone
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    fluoride trays

    I used the fluoride treatments at least every other day for about a year after I finished the treatment; and around 2 times per week for another year or so. Then quit that completely. I haven’t had any new cavities (except a couple of fallen fillings that were easily replaced), at the 5.5 year time point (today).

    However, I believe the main reason for that is flossing. I do that after each meal, and very careful about the one in the evening, after the last meal.

  • tommyodavey
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    I asked this same question to my cancer team Oral Surgeon who supplies my trays and flouride.  He said if I plan on keeping my teeth then to use it.  Like corleone, I switched down to every other day after 4 years and am still okay with no cavities.  Why take a chance?