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Hi everyone, my brother was recently diagnosed with stage 1B testicular cancer.  About 2 weeks ago he had surgery to remove the right testicle.  He met with his doctor the other day and he had a mixed germ cell that consisted of 40% embryonal carcinoma, 30% yolk sac, 25% teratoma, and 5% senoma.  His doctor told him that he has a 50% chance of this coming back if he does not do treatment.  He then met with a chemotherapy doctor and they came to the conclusion that he will do surveliiance for now and be closely monitored every 2 months by getting blood tests done, CT scans, physcial exams, and chest x-rays.  Has anyone done the same type of plan who had a similar situation as him?  Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    I would suggest finding a second Oncologist in your area who also specializes in this type of cancer and get a second opinion. I do know that non-seminoma cancers have a higher chance of reoccurence. I personally do not have experience with this type of cancer, however you and your family are in my thoughts. The one thing I would like to know is if a PET scan to see the FDG activity has been done