liver resection, pump, systematic chemo?

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Hello, I have been reading your posts for months but it is actually my first post. I got diagnosed with stage 4 back in  Fall. I had radiation on my scupular and removal of ovaries because cancer went to my right one. I had 12 Folfoxs. Now I am 3 weeks past a liver resection and installation of the pump. They think they took all out but there is a high chance it will show back. The oncologist and surgeon who are both good not sure if they need to start a systematic chemo in addition to the Hai pump. Of course my concern and my oncologists agrees that they can run out of chemo options because a number of meds they have is rather limited. If they put me on a systematic one shortly they are not sure which one to do. I will be traveling for the second opinion to MD Anderson satellite campus here in FL in a couple of weeks. Any experiences with this one? Thank you. Butt.