Vitamin D and its relationship to calcium

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I have been re-researching my supplement regimine, and I have come across a troubling issue about the relationship of calcium to vitamin D.  It appears that calcium supplements may counter the positive effects of vitamin D.  I have been taking a calcium supplement, but as of now will discountiue it.  I am hoping someone else has a deeper undertanding of this issue.  Here is some of the resarch I have found:

The 1,25(OH)2D3 induced striking upregulation of genes involved in immune and inflammatory response processes such as chemokines and cytokines, complement system genes and HLA genes, and the cell cycle pathway genes such as DNA polymerases, cyclin-dependent kinases, and mini chromosome maintenance genes. Furthermore, 1,25(OH)2D3 induced significant upregulation of cell adhesion and extracellular matrix genes such as collagens, matrix metalloproteinases, integrins, and serine protease inhibitors (Table 3, Figure 2, and Supplemental Table 4). The 1,25(OH)2D3 also induced striking upregulation of genes that are targets of transcriptional factors known to play key roles in inflammation, immune response, proliferation, and extracellular matrix function (Figure 3 and Supplemental Table 5). Calcium administration largely reversed the changes associated with 1,25(OH)2D3 supplementation. . .

There is an ongoing debate about the effect of calcium supplements on clinical outcome: Several large cohort studies and metaanalyses of RCTs have provided evidence that calcium supplements may increase total mortality (31, 32) and other major clinical endpoints, such as myocardial infarction (33, 34). In the aforementioned Cochrane review of RCTs on vitamin D and total mortality (10), the relative risk of mortality was 0.92 (95% CI, 0.85–1.00) for vitamin D use alone and 0.96 (95% CI, 0.92–0.99) for vitamin D and calcium coadministration. Some years ago, Giovannucci (35) hypothesized that adverse effects of calcium supplements on clinical outcome may be due to suppression of circulating 1,25(OH)2D concentrations. Our data support the suppressive effect of calcium coadministration on the increase in circulating 1,25(OH)2D.




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    I was advised to limit Calcium supplements

    and try to get as much out of food as possible - limiting to no more that 600mg in supplement form/day (from integrative med at MSKCC)