How does your treatment change if you find out you have mets

bassoneman Member Posts: 58

This you may find as a odd question but this is what my Ortho Oncologist asked me.  About a year ago after complaining about hip pain After prostate radiation I was refered to a Orthopedic. They he did xrays and said I had atheritis in my hip  and I should have it replaced. But said that he wanted me to have a bone scan I quess for my hip. Well my left forearm lit up.. Turns out to be some sort of tumor in my left arm ulna (not a usual place for mets) and they have been slow to biopsy it because it is close to lots of nerve endings which could effect the use of my left hand. It may be something I was born with and nothing to worry about. Anyway since then I meet with the Ortho Oncologist every 3 months. He is still on the fence about doing the biopsy.  But what he asks me each time is " If this turns out to be mets how would they change you treatment plan"  I also have 7 heart stents,  heart dissease, so hormone treatment might not be a good idea.. I guess my question to the folks that have mets is when they found out did they remove the tumors or just treat them?  And How might my treatment plan change...  I had another bone scan today to make sure I don't have anything else growing so I am waiting for results..   PSA was 4.9 Gleason was 3+4 all in the prostate..  My last PSA after radiation was 2.7 so it is coming down...