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Hi everyone, my man is a 3 years Prostate cancer survivor in good health, 64 years old And a wonderful person.

Today his GP called him to tell him that his PSA when from 0.01 to 4.0 in 6 months

He had his annual physical at the beginning of april and he just got notify of the results today.

I’m feeling very upset with him GP, 


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    It could be a lab error

    We have seen many guys reporting here similar situations on sudden PSA increase. Some were due to lab errors and those that had radiation therapy as prime treatment were experiencing the traditional bounce. Surely, if your husband did surgery then it could mean recurrence.

    My opinion is for you to start by repeating the test, this time using a two decimal digits assay (0.XX ng/ml).

    Hope for the best,


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    Post Prostatectomy PSA

    My pathology report reflect confined disease. Lymp nodes clear, seminal vesicles clear, no extraprostatic extension, bladder neck clear, negative margins. Gleason 6/7 4+3 5% tumor volume. With for first psa test May 16, 2018, which revealed a 0.18. the doctor would like to see me for a retest May 21, 2018.


    Is this considered a biochemical recurrence. Please advise.

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    Jerry Mac

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