Swollen & inflamed larynx


Hi, All. My fi attempt on the discussion board. 

After completing 37 rounds of radiation I have had mostly uneventful 18 months. 

Some horseness, some sensitivity to coughing episodes but checkups by my ENT & Encologist

that were clean & problem free. About 3-4 weeks ago I started having some soreness added to the

coughing & horseness. Now we’re taking Prednisone for the inflammation. Just wondering if anyone else 

had these after effects. Could it be recurrence or just healing difficulties due to the radiation?


  • johnsonbl
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    Inflammation post treatment is extremely common...

    Chronic inflammation (long term inflammation that doesn't go away) is also pretty common and can be concerning.  But sounds like your team is on it and has a plan for helping the inflammation.  Don't know where you are located but here in Iowa the pollen is brutal right now... Could be as simple as allergies.  Could be a virus.  Could be anything...  Wouldn't worry too much about it just yet.


  • Frances_S
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    Coughing Fits

    Hi my husband is 5 months post opt and has a persistant cough which often turns into a coughing fits. The Dr. said his lungs sound clear and sent him for a chest xray. We are now waiting for those results.  I have to admit the coughing episodes scared me and I started to pressure his doctor for answers. I never thought of inflamation, although it does make sense, radiation does cause extensive damage.

    Hopefully the prednisone works for you. Maybe this is what my husband needs too.