Has anyone had a spot on CT show up “near colon”?

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This is not for me but someone I know (stage 4 CRC) has just had a spot show up near colon and they will biopsy. has anyone had this and advice on what to possibly expect?




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    My husband who is stage 4 had

    My husband who is stage 4 had a colonoscopy in March all was clear. Pet/Ct showed a spot on the colon wall. Not sure if that is the same as you are asking. We will not find out until more test, scans and biopsies at the end of the month. Sorry not much help now.

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    Thanks so much and good luck

    Thanks so much and good luck with your husband’s next scans and results!  

    I wasn’t very clear as I was a bit panicked. The friend already has some liver mets but for the new spot being initially identified as ”near” colon, I wasnt sure if that might signify peritoneum. My experience is with lung mets so I was just wondering if anyone might have some prior experience with the terminology.


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    It's really hard to tell unless they have the biposy.  If there was an initial surgery and they didn't get clear margins than it is very possible for it to grow back.  Wishing your friend well.