Getting results from CT scans and toxicology



Tumor found in Sigmoid colon last Friday.

Blood test came in kidney,liver and blood is all good, but I am

Anemic. Monday I got a CT scan in and my appointment from the CT scan and 

Toxicoloy are in. What to expect 

42 yo male never smoked, drugs or alchol. 

My rectal bleeding started 9 months ago, with narrow stools and blood clots in stool, I saw my CT scan, gota copy from where I went........ compared them to other CT scans 

I do t see anything, but who knows I'm not an expert.....



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    In my case the first person I

    In my case the first person I saw was my surgeon. Then the oncologist after that. The surgeon told me how things would go. Insertion of port, chemo and radiation to shrink the tumour as much as possible after that and then surgery. Surgery is the first and best treatment for colon cancer. Anything else is secondary. Are you anemic from the blood loss? Did they suggest taking iron supplements or anything like that? Or will all this be addressed once you go see someone?


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    The future

    CT scans can be very ambiguous.  If you are facing surgery, it would make sense to start doing some athletic training, keep a clean diet, and maybe put on a few pounds.  Reading through old posts could give you a bunch of tips on things to do.