3 years ago today....

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My "facebook" memory today had a quote from 3 years ago - the day we got the results from my husband's first MRI guided prostate biopsy: (We are faithful followers so I hope this doesn't offend anyone):

 "Our God is an awesome God.  He reins from heaven above with wisdom, power and love. God is so good today and everyday!  Never ever doubt his love and mercy".

That was a cryptic message to friends - I think only a handful of people knew what he was going through 3 years ago.  His first biopsy was negative and I can still feel those feelings of relief 3 years ago.   Fast forward to today - I am still thankful for the journey.  Just can't believe we've been on this journey of prostate cancer for over 3 years.  Time flys even when you're not having fun!