Lung Nodule

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My husband is scheduled for open heart/bypass surgery next week.  Now they did a CT Scan and came back with this diagnosis;  There is a 13 mm right pretracheal lymph node and a 13 mm calcified left pretracheal lymph node, calcified lymph node. Do not appear to represent clinically significant findings. Small bowel hiatal hernia. WSN-LH-1-RR-P2 Addendum Transcriptionist- PSCRIBE Addendum Reading Physician- JONATHAN A BERGER M.D. Addendum Releasing Physician- JONATHAN A BERGER M.D.  0850 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXAMINATION- CT CHEST W/O CONTRAST  8-27 AM History- Male, 70 years old. Influenza B with weakness and SOB.. Technique- Routine noncontrasted CT of the chest. COMPARISON- None. FINDINGS- Lungs/pleura- No pulmonary consolidation, soft tissue mass or effusion. There is a 17 mm calcified nodule posterior aspect left lower lobe. Seen best on axial image 35. Airways- Patent. Mediastinal/hilar lymph nodes- Normal. Aorta- No aneurysm. Atherosclerotic changes noted. Cardiac- Atherosclerotic changes involving the coronary arteries left and circumflex. No pericardial effusion. Pulmonary arteries- Unremarkable noncontrast appearance. Bones- Moderate wedging along superior endplate of L1. Minimal degenerative changes involving the thoracic spine. Mild kyphotic deformity noted. Axilla- No lymphadenopathy. Soft tissue- Unremarkable. Included abdomen- The adrenals are unremarkable in appearance. There is evidence of cholelithiasis.. Additional comments- None. IMPRESSION- No acute pulmonary or pleural pathology. No pneumothorax. Size of the cardiac silhouettes within normal limits. No evidence cardiac decompensation. The adrenals are unremarkable in appearance. 

doctor is talking about possible cancer diagnosis.  Can anyone explain what the heck this all means?

Says is will be a high-risk surgical patient.  






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    Nodules are fairly common

    I know hearing your husband has one is quite alarming but they can be caused by numerous things other than cancer. Often they are from scarring (from previous illnesses), current illnesses, inflammation, aspirations and even from arthritis. The fact that it is calcified actually makes it less of a chance that it is cancer. I am sure the drs will do what they need to do to confirm one way or the other what it is. The only way to confirm it is cancer is a biopsy. A CT scan, MRI or blood tests cannot do this. I open this information helps you. I hope all goes well with your husband's surgery and that the nodule is indeed non cancerous as you all have enough on your plates. All the best to you both.