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My husband may be staying in Houston for 7 weeks or so for radation and chemo depending on test results at the end of the month. We are looking to rent an apartment For his stay. I've looked on the lodging website and there are many options. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience doing this. We will definitely rent one close to the treatment center. I will travel back and fourths as much as possiable ( we live in WV) and when needed I will take time off from work and stay there with him towards the end of treatment. Any info is greatly appreciateD. We  are praying there will be no reason to have to do this, but I want to be as prepared as possiable!!!


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    It is good to look for somewhere close to the treatment centre. Radiation and its side effects, can (but not always) make travelling rather dicey. 

    I was lucky to have a friend that I could stay with, during my radiation. Not so lucky for her, as its not a walk in the park, and was probably quite traumatic for them to see me in such a sorry state. 

    Good luck to your hubby, and of course, to you also. 


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    If he does need this treatment it is doable to drive a distance, but the closer you are the better.  Mine was 30 minutes away and although it hurt for me to sit, it is possible, just not comfortable.  It's good to have all your bases covered.