Surgery went well!

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it went well, but took longer because of scar tissue.  He was able to ablate the tumor in the caudate lobe that caused all his jaundice issues last year. The other tumor he resected but the margins were not good, so there is high probability it will come back. Luckily he was able to put in the HaInpump, that should really make it so the tumor doesn’t come back. He will be in recovery today, ICU or his room tomorrow. Hoping he will be home over the weekend. It’s weird to not be able to talk to him, I kind of miss him, but I know he is good hands.  I am so grateful to my oldest son who drove him into nyc at 345 am for a 5:10 arrival time. 


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    glad the surgery went well

    glad the surgery went well

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    So Glad the Surgery is Over

    What a relief Ruth that your husband is out of surgery and on the mend...  Wonderful that your son was such a big help.  Deep breaths for you and your family right now...


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    Great news!

    Now the work begins, again. 

    May he get the rest and walking (yeah, an oxymoron) that he needs to recover enough to come home. 


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    Thank goodness it's over. Now

    Thank goodness it's over. Now you can focus on his recovery. Poor guy amd poor you, so much stress.



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    Great to hear!!

    Great to hear!!

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    He is texting like crazy

    i guess he has an epidural on the liver area so no haze from the pain meds. He is furious he has drain, they said it might come out if the out put isn’t high. He is not happy over that since he told him it was a very low chance he would have one.

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    I know you're so happy it's all over. Praying for rest for both you and your husband now. I am not a candidate for liver surgery... yet. I hear it's a pretty rough recovery. Sounds like he's well on his way. Will be interested to hear how he does with the HAI pump. 

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    Glad the surgery is over.

    Glad the surgery is over. Recovering time now.

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    I've been praying for days and just waiting to come on to the boards to night to get an update.  So glad that it went well.  Thanks for keeping us updated and hoping he comes home on the weekend as well.