Diagnosed with SCC nodal metastatic disease, but true?

Hi, my name is Sandi, and I just turned 58 last month.  I've had a lump in my neck, right side, just below my jaw.  I first noticed it when I went for a facial, and my technician kept running her fingers over it.  It was not painful, so after the facial, I too ran my fingers over it.  It was somewhat enlarged.  I made an appt with an ENT and he checked it, along with my mouth, etc., and said it was nothing.  It was about 5 years ago or so.  I can't remember if he said he thought it was a lipoma, or what.  So, fast forward to six weeks ago.  I made an appt. with general surgery through my health plan because this "lump" has grown, and now was beginning to bother (only sometimes).  It seemed larger and "harder" than before but I still thought it was nothing.  The PA said they needed to get a CT scan just to see the vessels, etc.  Okay.  I did that.  Two days later I got the report on MyChart (online) that said squamous cell carcinoma (HPV related) nodal metastatic disease.  2.5 x 1.7 x 2.7 hetergenous complex lesion - lymph node.  I went to the ENT surgeon last week, and he looked at the scan and also felt my neck, did a complete look though mouth, nose, ears, etc.  He too thinks it is SCC.  After the CT scan, they had sent me for a fine needle aspiration.  The pathologist tried three times with no luck.  She said it sounded "crunchy."  Hmmm...so, tomorrow I now have an excisional biopsy with a laryongoscopy (sp),  I'm just not sure this is really cancer???  How could I have this lump for 5 or so years?  Anyone else have anything like this?  I'm not sad, scared, or anything really.  Just curious, mostly.  If it does turn out to be aancer, I'm not even scared of the treatments.  We are supposed to go to Italy in October for our 25th wedding anniversary, and I'm most upset about possibly missing that trip! LOL.  I asked the doc what he thought, and he said I would most likely be on the upswing by then, but he couldn't really say.  


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    welcome, you get the full meal Matt


    Hi Sandi, Happy belated birthday, did you have a birthday cake?  I always have a German Chocolate cake for my birthday and have had them since I was around 10 years old and have had over 50 German Chocolate cakes in my life time.  My Mother-in-law (and now my wonderful wife) have been making me scratch German Chocolate cakes since the mid 1980’s.  I am finished with the cake story for now.

    Let’s try to stay upbeat and get you to a point where life is good.  The lump in your neck five years ago was not diagnosed as cancer and we should not without proof consider it to have been cancer.   

    Six weeks ago the lump was still present and it was the same lump as 5 years earlier (you do believe). You had a CT scan, but NO BIOPSY and the on line MyChart had it listed as SCC, HPV+, nodal metastatic disease.  I must have missed something, in general there is no diagnosis on MyChart and none without a positive biopsy or a surgeon looking right at the item and staking their reputation on it that they know cancer and this is it.

    Your current ENT says after looking at the CT scan and feeling around your neck and where ever that it may be SCC.

    A FNB was performed with results not clear, but not positive.  A none confirming FNB or a direct biopsy is not always conclusive.  Many H&N members do not get the positive results from the FNB, but they do eventually get a positive result, after all this is the H&N forum.

    Crunchy is the cereal I have for breakfast or the KFC I have once in a Blue Moon, I do not think my lymph node entanglement with my jugular vein was crunchy, but whether, it was or was not cruncy, it was cancer.

    5 years have passed and now you are looking at this for answers and to return you life to it like 6 years ago (normal).  The HPV+ H&N cancer is documented to be a very slow grower(5, 10, 15, 20 years?) before it usually makes an appearance by way of a ulcer on a tongue or tonsil,  but maybe there has been a documented case in the past like yours and hence you are normal, but a little different.  Your lump appeared, then stayed static (did not seem to change) and now has reactivated to a bothersome condition.

    You are curious, and that is all?  Do you use liquid courage or other tried and true temporary remedies for life’s jokes?  Please remember these strong incentives you possess to maintain a good attitude and use them to your advantage.

    By October 25th I will have already eaten mostof my German Chocolate cake and may have pulled a section out of the freezer to enjoy around the time you are in Italy.

    Buona Fortuna, Io sinceramente dire questo.