First scan coming up...

Hello Everyone... Hope all of you are well and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. In about a week and a half , I will be having my first CT scan since radiation treatmenttreatment with an appointment with my ENT following the scan.  To tell you the truth , I am petrified.  My ENT had told me a couple of months ago that at the 3 month mark post rads, I would be feeling great.  I am in pain 24/7 which fluctuates from a 2 to 6 on the pain scale in my jaw. After radiation i had very little pain. My chin and neck where they did surgery and rads is as stiff as a board and it's hard for me to chew or talk. I am concerned the cancer is back or i have orn .  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I am trying to keep busy to get my mind off from the "what ifs" but...


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    I had the same problem

    I worried myself sick before the scan and even after because a "hot-spot" showed up on my colon of all places that turned out to be nothing. It is in our nature to think the worst after what we've been thru but hopefully your scan will be ok.

    My rad. doc told me things would get really bad around week 3 and continually get worse thru out the treatment. Actually, I think it probably got worse for several months after the treatment ended but nothing near what you are describing. Hope you get better soon.

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    I share your feeling about scans, my 3 month scan post chemo/radiation showed neck lymph node enlargement on the opposite side to the primary tumor (tongue cancer), lung were clear.  Had a biopsy, positive for cancer, then a second modified radical neck dissection to remove the cancer, and have a 3 month post surgery pet scan in a few days.  All you can do is hope for the best - that’s my plan! I hope all goes well with your scan!

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    Thanks Dean54 and Alpinelife.

    Thanks Dean54 and Alpinelife... I know I shouldn't worry but as the time of my CT scan soon approaches, I am finding myself less able to distract.  I had mandible cancer of the aveola r ridge so pain in that area is worrisome.  Thanks for the encouraging words and any prayers.

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    We ALL get scanxiety

    I've had 3 CTs and 3 PET scans and was afraid of each! My medical onc wanted to do one last scan back in 2013 but United Healthcare denied due to not being medically necessary.


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    Tell me doc am I going to sing again?



    It sounds to me dear fellow that you have a healthy H&N survivor’s case of normal scanxiety, not to be confused with kids approaching the end of the school year with summer-is-almost- here-anxiety or a baseball player facing a 3 and 2 pitch or strike-out-anxiety.  Each are troublesome with yours seemingly (to the lay person) to be well justified, understandable and experienced by all who have traveled the yellow H&N brick road, (oh my). I am feeling good about the results you will receive, which I hope will melt your petrified feelings and place you one step closer to the new normal person you wish to be.

    I, like you am a little bit concerned about the pain in your jaw and the stiffness in your chin and neck, not because of any nefarious “c” cells lurking behind, but because you mentioned your ability to chew or talk is compromised (you actually used the word “hard”, I liked the word  “compromised”).  If you intend to be the keynote speaker at this year’s H&N (best of the best) ceremony you will need all you wares to be in working order.

    You should stay concerned till the end-of-time (Matt reality check) about your health and make sure to remain vigilant to any health concerns. This includes the jaw, neck and chin and tongue, throat or anything H&N related.

    Tell me, what does JBrooks “trying to keep busy”, mean exactly. For me, it might be yard work or going to an estate sale (I like to find and buy old tools).



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    Hi Matt... Thank you so much

    Hi Matt... Thank you so much for your encouragement! You don't know how much it means to me.  I hope when all is said and done, I will have joined the coveted NED Club that we all aspire to... at least till the next scan comes around.  As far as what keeps me busy... It's pretty much the same as you...  estate sales and yard work. I don't gravitate towards the tools but I have managed to find some steals along the antique furniture line . When the weather gets a little warmer, I have a desk to refinish and am looking forward to that. Fishing is also a passion i hope to persue soon. Thanks again Matt for bringing a smile my way.