Working on week 4 -gettin there!

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Well this is wonderful week 4 for me. My nausea was really driving me nuts but I saw the doctor for medical marijuana. It is legal in my state (NY) only for medical use. Kinda expensive since private insurance does'nt cover it. But I'm willing to give it a try. It is supposed to take away nausea anxiety and pain!! I know along with my fellow mentors here that the side affects with radiation and chemo are overwhelming. I'm on sooo many drugs it gets confusing. My nurses give me 3-4 meds for each side effect. Think it's way too much. I'm a strong woman but when I'm choking on mucuos or trying to subdue the nausea it gets overbearing. When I read what all you members go through I'm just amazed. I congratulate All of you for your perserverence and determination to get over this horrible beast! I will make it but i'll tell ya it's the Hardest battle I Ever had in my life. So we will see how I make out when I start taking the miracle drug (Marijuana). Not thrilled about it but if it makes cancer tolerable it's worth the risk. Hey guys n gals thx for listening to me. And keep posting. I appreciate all your responses. Hugs to you!! xxoo


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    Im proud of you Suez! I keep

    Im proud of you Suez! I keep checking on you, and am praying for you constantly. Keep us posted!!!



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    You do whatever you need Suez

    Do anything that helps Suez, it's not worth pushing through the awful side effects if there is something out there that will help. I wish you didn't have to go throught this I really do

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    Going by fast

    Seems like just yesterday you were posting about getting ready to start and now it's 4 weeks. I know it's been rough but you are getting there and will be over before you know it. Hang in there Suez!

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    Medical THC was a miracle for

    Medical THC was a miracle for me. I literaly took nothing else once I started using it. It addressed so many issues with zero side effects. If you can eat orally, then the edibles (chocolate and gummies) are really good and fast acting. Start with 5mg. When I couldn't eat I'd do patches and creams. Not nearly as strong with me, but did work.

    Good luck.

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    Haven't seen any updates from

    Haven't seen any updates from you lately. I've been following your journey from the beginning so I hope everything is going OK.