My father has a needle biopsy on his lung, following a CT scan that showed a new suspicious spot on his lung. I have been researching and found some information on something called "seeding." Are needle biopsies common and should the fear of seeding cause some to opt out?


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    I don’t think their common

    I don’t think their common and yes I myself have opted out. 

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    It may very well be different

    It may very well be different in your case and with the lungs. My colon tumor had perforated so I had surgery immediately. I was woozy, but I remember my surgeon saying he did not biopsy the the tumors on my liver while in there because of risk of seeding and because he was sure that they were the same cancer. Again, it may be that it isn't obvious that on the lung it is cancer. It really is hard to say. I would say find a doctor that you trust. And if you aren't sure, get a second opinion. We can do a lot of research, but we don't have the knowledge and experience that they have. My surgeon also looked very closely at my liver during my surgery, so he had a first hand look and didn't need the biopsy probably.

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    Yes I was reading they're

    Yes I was reading they're rare, but I feel paranoid at this point. Too much research is making me overthink everything I suppose.


    Sorry to hear about your case of cancer and I hope you are doing better. Good thing you didn't have the seeding risk due to the surgeon knowing more about your cancer and thinking it was related.

    My dad had a nodule on his lung, 1cm, but it stayed the same size and they said it was scar tissue from adolescent years. Now they did a CT scan and they said they found a new spot and they want to have the biopsy to see what it is. I'm hoping it isn't a met. I was reading on the procedure itself and came across the seeding thing and I panicked. I guess after his diagnosis everything makes me panic. Thanks for the advice and for listening :)