Update 3wks 2 days after RP

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Surgery: 03/20/2018; RP; bilateral pelvic lymph node dissection (8); bladder neck reconstruction. 

Pathology:  All avenues for spread of the cancer showed benign.

Exercise:  Walked 20 miles in steps last week; kegel 4 times a day 10 to a set.

Status:  Still incontinent, but yesterday when I got up there was only urine about the size of a quarter on the pad.  My body is slowly but surely taking back the urinary systems.  The incontinence is decreasing daily.  As far as ED goes.  My penis responds to stimulation. At this time I do not think there is an issue there.  I feel good and I am in good spirits.

My first follow-up is with my doctor is 4/27/2018.  He will let me know then what other activity I can participate in.


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    Good news!

    Hi Lighterwood,

    Sounds like you are progressing at a positive rate.  Keep up the Kegals and getting the blood to flow in your groin area by any kind of stimulation as much as you can.

    Dave 3+4

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    You are on the fast track

    I have had the RP and all of your news sounds great, especially the progress with diminishing incontinence so soon.

    I think it is way to early to worry about ED. It can take some time for the nerves to settle down, so don't worry so much at this point.

    Hang in there. One step at a time, and stay positive.