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Is it true that eating ice cream, candies, cookies or bread isn't good to us cancer survivors? If so, what is bad about it? 

Made me wonder


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    It depends

    I think the answer is "it depends."  If you are underweight, perhaps adding weight in whatever way you can is a good idea (See: ).  However, if you are of a healthy weight or overweight, I think the science weighs heavily on a "mediterranean" or pesco-vegetarian being better for fighting cancer.



    Some random notes:

    Prudent v. Western diet: 
     A higher intake of a Western dietary pattern after cancer diagnosis was associated with a significantly worse disease-free survival (colon cancer recurrences or death). Compared with patients in the lowest quintile of Western dietary pattern, those in the highest quintile experienced an adjusted hazard ratio (AHR) for disease-free survival of 3.25 (95% confidence interval [CI], 2.04-5.19; P for trend <.001).

    Overall, the risk increase of colorectal cancer is 12% for each 100g/day increase of red and processed meat intake (95%CI=4-21%, I2 =70%, pheterogeneity (ph)<0.01) and 7% for 10?g/day increase of ethanol intake in alcoholic drinks (95%CI=5-9%, I2 =25%, ph?=? 0.21). Colorectal cancer risk decrease in 17% for each 90g/day increase of whole grains (95%CI=11-21%, I2 =0%, ph?=? 0.30, 6 studies). For each 400?g/day increase of dairy products intake (95%CI=10-17%, I2 =18%, ph?=? 0.27, 10 studies). Inverse associations were also observed for vegetables intake (RR per 100?g/day =0.98 (95%CI=0.96-0.99, I2 =0%, ph?=? 0.48, 11 studies) and for fish intake (RR for 100g/day=0.89(95%CI=0.80-0.99, I2 =0%, ph?=? 0.52, 11 studies), that were weak for vegetables and driven by one study for fish. Intakes of fruits, coffee, tea, cheese, poultry and legumes were not associated with colorectal cancer risk.

    Vegan diet: 15% reduction in colorectal occurrence:

    Vegetarian 20% reduction in occurrence, pescovegetarian the best–43% reduction in initial occurrence.

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    I eat them all

    If I'm going to die, I'm going to die happy. 

    I think eating sweets, carbs and fats in large amounts is bad for anyone, regardless. 

    At the end of the day, it is a personal decision wether you choose to endulge or not. I believe moderation in all things - well, maybe not ALL things - and thus, I go ahead and eat the treats.


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    I agree with Tru. The idea

    I agree with Tru. The idea started with the discovery that cancer cells use more sugar/glucose than normal cells. So there was an assumption made that a person could 'starve' out the cancer by not having any sugar. Which is almost impossible and many things have sugar that either we wouldn't think would or it has starch or something that will turn into sugars.

    The problem is that normal cells need a certain amount of sugar to survive so you can't get your body to the point that the cancer cells would starve because so would your healthy cells. 

    As Tru said, moderation is key. For me, I hate the thought of someone who has cancer and is already going through a bunch of crap shouldn't have to avoid certain foods that may bring comfort when it won't change anything.


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    I'll eat sweets, ice cream, fries, steak, hamburg, etc.  Love almost all food and although don't eat fried everyday, and tend to eat on the healthier side daily, I'll always allow everything in my diet just not in large quantities.  Love a good bar burger, and fries.  Yummmy. 


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    The only warning I got about sugar was to avoid it and carbs the day before my PET scan. The doctor said that sugar can sometimes cause a false reading. 


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    All Things Considered...

    Here's my experience and opinion, neither of which are scientific.  I agree with Tru and approach my life with an "all things in moderation" philosophy, with the exception of love.  To quote a song from the 60's:

    "What the world needs now is love, sweet love
    It's the only thing that there's just too little of
    What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
    No not just for some but for everyone."

    During my treatment, especially adjuvant chemo, my appetite decreased and my weight dropped.  My low point was 128 pounds.  That's when my oncologist prescribed Miranol.  It was effective in stimulating my appetite, but only for sweets!  After decades of methodically purging my diet of sugary foods with hollow calories I found myself quickly reverting to eating once again like a teenager.  That diet change did stop my weight loss however I suspect that it also undermined the quality of my nutrition.  My weight has slowly increased back up to 135 and that will apparently be my "fighting weight" for the balance of my life.  In the meantime, I am now once again purging my diet of sweets with the exception of a bite of chocolate after lunch and supper, and that is the way it was prior to my rectal cancer and even prior to my prostate cancer.

    In my opinion, the detrimental effects of sweets are dependent upon an individual's circumstances (age, overall physical condition, state of heath including cancer, activity level, lifestyle prior to cancer, genetics, etc.) so it is less than accurate to make blank statements about virtually anything.  If something was not healthy for us before we got cancer then it stands to reason that it will not be healthy for us while we have cancer, with the exception of chemo and that is a totally separate topic of discussion.

    Sugar and spice and all things nice...that's what little girls are made of.  To get that way they had to eat some sweets.



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    Like Trubrit, I eat everything.  Soon to be 86, I have been NED for last 8 yrs. LOL




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    I’m 76 and I’m with you

    I’m 76 and I’m with you danker. Moderation is the key.

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    I just eat whatever I want.  I figure it's already got me, so might as well enjoy, and since cooking is my passion, been trying many new recipes while I still can.

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    avargov said:


    I just eat whatever I want.  I figure it's already got me, so might as well enjoy, and since cooking is my passion, been trying many new recipes while I still can.


    Yup, felt the same way and when they told me that is was nothing that I'd eaten, drank or environment it was like go for whatever.  My whole life was eating good and trying to maintain a healthy diet, I'm still doing that but if I'm craving something - I'll go for it no matter what it is Laughing


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    I'm with the group, eat what

    I'm with the group, eat what pleases you, keep reasonable limits, but enjoy the little things. When your up and worrying at 3am there's nothing like knowing you have a pint of ice cream stashed, plus it helps you get sleepy again.................................................Dave