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I had a prostatectomy and diverticulotomy one year ago, and still am experiencing incontinence issues.  I mentioned to my urologist that I can go hours without feeling the sensation that I need to pee.  When the urge does present itself, it is sudden and I can have a complete flooding.  Also, I can sometimes void and not know it is happening.  My urologist indicated that I have a very large bladder which could be the reason for some of the incontinence.  I had poor bladder control before my cancer surgery, and wore diapers some of the time.  I have become comfortable with this type of management due to the unpredictable chance of an accident.  I am nearly 71 years old, and do not want anymore invasive surgies or appliances put in me.  I would appreciate knowing if any others have been told that they have a large bladder, and how they manage.  One more thought.  Could my symtoms be characteristic of underactive bladder? Thanks in advance. 


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    The mechanics of urine flow is disrupted

    In my opinion incontinence has nothing to do with enlarged bladders but with malfunctioning of the sphincter. The brain controls the flow via the nerve network. It receives the signal of a full bladder and follows by sending down signals to the bladder muscles for contraction and to the sphincter to allow flow or stop it. An enlarged bladder can fake the sensation of being full (urgency) as well as a malfunctioning sphincter could cause permanent flow or retention. An affected nerve system would disrupt the whole process which could be behind an underactive bladder case.

    Radical prostatectomies involving too much cutting of regional nerves and Radiation therapies of damaging doses at regional nerves would surely affect the ability of our brain in controlling the issue. ED also related to the lack of locally established nerve path ways. Those that were dissected will be replaced by existing ones (different path in the same network) in these back/forward signal affair but it takes time to recover and to establish a workable network again. Some of the functions never return to the same extent as it used to be.




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    With all of the tests that I

    With all of the tests that I have had where tubes of various sizes being inserted into my penis and rectum cause stress on my sphincter?  I had green light prostate surgery 10 years ago.  Could that be part of the problem as well.  I have tried kegel exercises, but they don't seem to make much difference.  

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    Hi Damp,

    Might want to ask your urologist for a referal to a therapist who specializes in Kegals and the like, could help.  I had my Prostate out about four years ago and still do my daily Kegals.  Gotta keep the muscles in shape.

    Dave 3+4