Thinking of Curlyn

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I know she's is probably having a rough time right now, miss her already, and only hope she comes out of this somehow. Thinking of you out there somewhere girl and I'm sure the rest of you on this forum are too.   :( tears ):


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    Also Thinking of Curlyn

    I have also been thinking of Curlyn.  I hope each day that I will see a post saying it was all a mix-up and that all is well.  Curlyn,  if you are lurking and just don’t have it in you to post, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers


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    Sending you prayers and love,

    Sending you prayers and love, Curlyn!

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    everyday in my thoughts

    everyday in my thoughts

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    Hi everyone, miss you. Im

    Hi everyone, miss you. Im strong! Started rads again. My eyesight pretty messed up but hoping that it will get better soon so I can update my treatment. Thinking about all of you. Im feeling pretty hopeful and comfortable at present. Love you guys, keep up the prayers and good karma. I have read everyone's posts and they are so appreciated. x

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    You mention eyesight.  I am

    You mention eyesight.  I am not sure they are related, but as my saliva dropped I began to experience dryeye, which in turn led to flashies and floaters (google on that and you'll find it).  Also began to experience double vision at a distance.  Eventually went to Opto and ended up with a new prescription that has a prism to correct the double.  I also now use eyedrops - non-preservative based.  I like refresh but also use systane.  The drops help a lot with flashies and floaters. I am also now fanatical about sunglasses.  If I'm outside, they're on.