Post Surgical Update

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Hi Everyone!

Just a little update after sugery on 3/27/18.  I had a complete hysterectomy, lymph node debulking, omentum removal, vaginal biopsy, and other technical procedures.  My surgery took over 10 hours.  Blood donors are unsung heros, without them I would not be here today.  Even as a person without any health issues, other than USC of course, I went into Afib during my surgery and then again after a couple days post op.  The amount of fluid pumped into my body during this sugery caused my heart rate to race and beat abnormally.  I ended up in ICU twice.  Once my pain was under control I was able to do more and was discharged 6 days post op.  Yesterday, I had my first post sugical visit to my gyn/onc and she said I'm doing great.  I had my staples removed with steri strips placed over the incision. There's only a small area, near my navel, that I need to watch close for opening.  Foley cath was also removed after I passed the no retention test, that thing drove me crazy!  I lost over 10 lbs in fluid in just 2 days, and continue to lose more.  My appetitie is good, I'm moving around good but slow.  I start chemo class in a week.  I will be getting carbo and taxil for 6 rounds and with radiation to my vaginal area.  


I'm so glad this part is over, now moving on to the next phase. 


Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, it does matter :)



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    That sounds like a tough road you just went down. Glad to hear you are on the upward swing and prepping for the next steps as you work through your plan.

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    Whew is right

    It sounds like you're recovering well from quite the onslaught. Keep us posted about how you're doing!

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    Oh, my,

    you have really been through a lot. Give your beautiful body a pat on the back for getting  through all the trauma and working so hard to heal itself.  Be careful and kind to it as the process continues. 

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    I hope that future treatments

    I hope that future treatments go as well as expected, follow-up visits will prove less eventful (I think all of us want boring, mundane, unremarkable results!), and you can finally enjoy decades and decades of NED. You went through a whole lot. 

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    Aw, that was rough! So glad

    Aw, that was rough! So glad you got the treatment you needed, and are on the mend and on the way to the rest of your treatments.