Another urodynamic test

Damp Member Posts: 25 Member

One year after my prostatectomy/diverticulotomy it was suggested I have another urodynamic study.  I mentioned that I can still go long periods of time without the sensation that I need to pee.  Before the study, I urinated over 700ml. into their beaker after losing a little previous to that.  I wear a diaper which was a little wet before the test.  As my bladder was filled, my first sensation came at about 350ml.  I began to void at around 500ml. with a total again of over 700ml.  The urologist indicated that I performed the test well with no stress leaking during the test.  She did say I have a very large bladder.  Could that be part of my incontinence issues?  I can also get the feeling that something is stuck at the end of my penis, but nothing happens.  It doesn't last long.  But, there are other times when the urge results in a full flooding.  This all seems so complicated without any real answers.  I refuse to have any more surgies/applicances placed in places that shouldn't be.  If someone would tell me that this is the way it's going to be, I could handle that.  The unpredictable and unknown causes a lot of anxiety.  Sorry for all this venting.