constipation after polyp removal

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(As stated I'm having quite a lot of constiation after the removal of a polyp on the anal/rectal verge 4 weeks ago. I'm eating really well - fruit / veg etc. but don't seem to be getting moving at all.  I always feel like I need to go or ( pardon me) there's more to do. Anyone got any other suggestions?   Is this normal after a polyp removal? Anything natural if possible.

My history is the removal of a carcinoma in situ perianal, two removals after that of high grade AIN  AND NOW THE REmoVAL OF THIS POLYP. tHIS IS going on over a few years now, I'm just wondering if anyone else here has a history like this and if so what kind of treatment route did you take?  Also I'd like to ask if high grade AIN can ever disappear of it's own accord.

My situation worries me greatly.





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    Sorry to hear you had to have a polyp removed.  I had to have two anal warts removed 2 years post-treatment, but did not have problems with constipation afterwards, at least not that I remember.  It sounds to me like you have sluggish bowels.  I'm not sure what the solution for that is, so I would suggest that you speak with your doctor(s). 

    As for AIN, it's my understanding that removal is the usual treatment and, unfortunately, as you are finding out, it can be a continual process.  I'm sorry you are having to go through this.  As for your question about AIN disappearing on its own, I cannot answer that.  Again, a frank discusson with your doctors may give you the answers. 

    Perhaps this website can answer some of your questions.

    I wish you all the best as you continue to seek answers.