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Anyone here deal with infections/recurring infections as a result of treatment?

I had surgery for base of tongue cancer/neck dissection in December, finished up radiation about three weeks ago. Several days before the radiation was completed I somehow managed to get a "nick," a small cut, just below my Adam's apple. Couple days later I ballooned up, huge abcess near the base of my neck on the right side. Two nights in the hospital, IV antibiotics then a 10-day regimen at home. Everything seemed fine, but then the antibiotics ran out and a new round of swelling began higher on the neck; back to the hospital and a new regimen of 3 different antibiotics... and the swelling hasn't gone away yet.

Anyone deal with anything resembling this, and if so, did you resolve it and how? My ENT is telling me I should see an infectious disease specialist for long-term management, to monitor the progress of the antibiotics and deliver them intravenously if need be. That sounds better than going back into the hospital, but good lord. Thought I was nearing the finish line but this just goes on and on...


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    Didn’t happen to me but id

    Didn’t happen to me but id follow his advice; see the ID doc for guidance. Bill