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Hi everyone. Just a quick note to ask some insight and feedback. I am scheduled for rads next thursday then peg tube placement. Also on friday rads n chemo. Think that's too much at once. Has anyone had appts back to back like that? Kinda hard for ur body to take within 2 days. Please let me know. Thx a bunch!!


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    Advice I have


    Good morning.  You will have a busy and productive Thursday.  The rads including parking and waiting is only 30 minutes and the first 15 times (rads) you wonder if maybe you dodged a bullet and are not going to feel the side effects you have heard so much about.  That joy is often short lived and you will follow your body where ever it wants to go. 

    Back to your question; no, I do not think it to be too much, since it is over 2 days. 

    The chemo may take up to 4 or 5 hours (I do not know about your plan).  Remember get the infusion chair by the bathroom, have a snack, a blanket, reading material, music, etc..

    The PEG often is installed quickly, but the entire procedure (everything) could be quite long.

    You probably could have had everything done while I ramble on.



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    I started Rad on a Wednesday

    I started Rad on a Wednesday and Chemo on Friday.. My chemo was for 3 hours. Outside constant bathroom runs just had a little bit of queezy stomach for several days. 

    I chose no peg and port