First Week treatment

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WED-Fri was rad and that was a relative calm experience. Chemo minus the port went ok except the numerous trips to the bathroom to urinate. I have taxol, carbo for aobut 3 hours.

I did get a little nauseated, stomach wise and constipated. Does chemo get worse or pretty much stay the same?? 

Today I went to work after rad treatment and am a little fatigued. I know its been about a week but just curious if the fatigue maintians is it worth working??

I just want to be able to not hinder the recovery process, 

Normally I work 11-2230 but now with rad i get up 630am go for treatment and work from 930-2000. Perhaps the time shift has me messed up lol 

The damn slat/baking soda 5-9 times a day doesnt help the stomach.............. Thx god for the ginger-ale .......


I figure about 1 more week then all hell breaks loose



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    I didn't have chemo...

    So I can't comment on how you are feeling.  Just wanted to say give'em hell!

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    go for it


    Number #1 Rule of chemo, “Get the chair closest to the bathroom”  It is  surprising there are not more heated discussions or more bathrooms.   Well, those are “chemo days” for you.

    Chemo can get worse, but you should be getting smarter and may be able to combat the nausea on a level playing field.

    Work is a wild card.  I had to review and write a report for a river flooding study in the middle of treatments and it was all I could do to complete the task. If possible, if you feel over taxed, take some time off.  Otherwise, go for it.

    Recovery will take place, it will.

    Yeah it is the time shift.  That is a good one, time shift.  You are optimistic and that should serve you well Darkdancer333.

    The salt/soda mixture  is for rinsing out your mouth and a little gargle if you can manage.  It should not bother your stomach.  Ginger ale is good, but it became VERY strong for me.

    I hope nothing breaks loose.  Stay focused, drink lots of fluid, get the nourishment, keep your team informed and cross the finish line in mid-spring with a fresh new outlook on life.

    Good luck,


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    It's different for everyone,

    but ditto everything Matt said.  Just one day at a time, and before you know it you are done.  Husband is elderly, and tolerated taxol/carbo quite well.  They can give you medicine for nausea.

    This group is the BEST for help along the way.

    Hugs and best wishes,


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    I agree with Matt.  You'll

    I agree with Matt.  You'll have to decide on work on a day to day basis, maybe?  If you can get in to work, I think it is a good idea!  My husband (finished treatment for HPV+ BOT Stage IV SCC in November 2017) went to work almost every day right after radiation (I think he came home instead maybe twice).  Some days, he only worked a half day or so, but I think it was important to him to procede with things as normally as possible.  He pushed through the fatigue during the day and would come home and take a nap or go to bed early to try and stay rested.  

    Stay strong! This will be behind you before you know it!

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    They may move my rad

    They may move my rad treatment back 40 minutes.. I guess every bit will help lol...