Radiation + Capecitabine: Others with this Combo?

Hello and best wishes to all. This is my first post. In Sept. 2017, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and then went through 6 grueling months of chemotherapy. My tumor shrank and did not spread. But, due to blood clots in nearby veins, I was not a candidate for surgery. Today I am starting a new treatment -- radiation + oral chemo (Capecitabine pills). Has anyone else had this combination? I'm apprehensive about possible side effects. Thanks in advance for any advice and support.


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    Hello Golden Banner

      While I too went through pancreatic cancer and all the rads and chemo. Then the Whipple and more chemo after . But, I didn't take oral chemo.  I did have (according to my oncologist )  all sorts of side effects from the chemo that most folks don't get.  You are doing the correct thing trying to find out about what to expect. But just remember each person has different experiences when it comes to side effects. 

    Thus , I understand you being apprehensive.

    I hope someone who has taken the same chemo you mentioned replies to you .

    I might add, to keep notes on all your (for lack of a better term) aches and pains as well as other issues you might have. To make sure your oncologist knows what going on . I found that some issues I had /or have were normal to have. Once I opened up and told them.  Just some food for thought.

    Keeping you and yours in prayers