POLE ultra-mutated endometrial cancer and immunotherapy

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In addition to tumours that have Micro Satellite Instability, it seems tumours that have the POLE exonuclease domain mutations are also good candidates for immunotherapy. If the genomic profiling of your tumour indicated the POLE mutation and you are experiencing a recurrence please check with your doctor to see if immunotherapy could be an option for you.

Here are a few papers that you might find interesting:

On tumor mutational burden and its ability predict response to immunotherapy



Tumor genotype and immune microenvironment in POLE-ultramutated and MSI-hypermutated Endometrial Cancers: New candidates for checkpoint blockade immunotherapy?



Polymerase proofreading domain mutations: New opportunities for immunotherapy in hypermutated colorectal cancer beyond MMR deficiency.



Hypermutated tumours in the era of immunotherapy: The paradigm of personalised medicine





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