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I was diagnosed with HPV+ BOT cancer about 14 months ago (Jan 2017).  I happen to work at the academic medical center where I received treatment.  I have had a little bit of a scratchy throat over the last week or so.  I have an amazing gag reflex (or lack thereof) and can actually get a finger back there and touch the area where my primary was.  I felt back there today and there was an appreciable "lump"...  Scared the crap out of I called down to Oto and got in for a quick scope (benefits of working here).  I didn't like what I saw at all.  There was what appeared to be a shiny nodule with a gray "head" that you could see.  Right on the tumor bed.  The resident didn't act particularly concerned but did suggest that I follow up with my team on April 4th (10 days) from now (I was already scheduled for my 1 year follow up with them).

I am terrified that it is a recurrence.  Please pray and send positive vibes...



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    You are one of "those" the group thats almost as bad as the "consult with Dr Google" people.


    If the resident didn't run screaming for his boss, relax - besides, I am sure he has already told your team his findings, and they will either call you or wait till the 4th.


    *those* people - by the way, are those either in the medical profession, or closely related to it.

    *hugs* you will be fine, I just know it!



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    My ENT looked at the images/video

    And thinks it might be a surgical clip that got left behind...  Yell  #1.  Not sure how that happens because dammit they are supposed to keep track of those things.  Not sure how radiation works with a titanium staple floating around in the field...  Argh!  #2. Certainly explains the pinching and poking and tenderness I'm feeling back there.  #3.  I am high strung about SuzJ pointed out...I am in healthcare and know more than I wish I do...

    Make fun of me if you must but I did actually spend $10 on a cell phone flexible camera thingy (originally for a toilet that I was going to snake and see why it kept getting clogged) but it's to big to stick up my nose!  It never got used on the toilet btw.  Tongue Out  I would scope myself all the time if I could.  I'm a big fan of catching things early if possible.


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    trying to figure out


    Good Saturday to you.

    I can understand your being upset.  Let me see if I can follow you.  The previously noted uptake was at the Thyroid, if that is so I wonder why it was not in the field of radiation treatment.  Worse yet, 4 doctors missed the importance of the possibility Thyroid was compromised (possible cancer)?

    At this time it is easier for me to take  the high road than you (you have skin in the game) and say “maybe they were correct and the cancer is gone (or going gone).  You are very wise to stay proactive, oncologists treat many and may not dig in to the treatment every time, as they should.

    Best of luck moving forward.







    I was diagnosed with Stage IVa, SCC, BOT, 1 lymph node, HPV+ (Surgery, Radiation & Erbitux) about 6 years, 5 months ago (November 2011).  I don’t like to diagnose most ailments greater than a cold, but I did have a sore throat at 1 year post and it was extremely painful.  Luckily, I had an unopened bottle of magic mouth wash and thankfully the magic was still there.

    Did you eat a lot of peanuts, or chips, or hot sauce, or bananas?  You may just have over indulged on something.

    This whole post is a +++POSITIVE+++ and bless you, full of prayers that this is not something less than ok.