Biopsy Pain

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Hey guys,

   So i had my Biopsy Tuesday and the pain is nt bad until I have a bowel movement;  Then it REALLY hurts.  How long before this goes away?







  • Mollymaude
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    It gets better slowly, I would guess it took about six weeks for me to feel healed. That irradiated tissue doesn't heal as easily. Also could part of your pain be from rectal spasms? It might be worth trying a muscle relaxer to see if that helps ease pain. I stumbled on that solution by accident when I was having a lot of pain like 10 months out. I couldn't figure why pain would come and go. Bowel movements set the spasms off for me. I have had 3 biopsies since treatment and am going to ask that unless there is something really suspicious to please not biopsy!