Hysterectomy after cervical cancer diagnosis

After months of exams, biopsies and a leep, i was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer.  I'm 45, no need for my uterus, so Doctor recommended a hysterectomy, which was totally fine with me.  At 2 week followup, Dr said everything looked good, cancer was contained.  He gave me the pathology report.  Noticed they found a mass in my uterus (not a fibroid,  although they found numerous of those) with no irregularities.  At my 6 week checkup yesterday he found a cyst at the top of my vagina.  He wasnt worried about either of those.  He said I am good to go and to come back in 6 mos for another checkup.  I love the news, yet I am cautious.  I read these messages and wonder why this process has been relatively easy for me while so many of you are going through a tough fight.  My Dr is wonderful, caring, explains everything.  But i wonder if there is something else i should  do?  Or am I being paranoid?


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    KellyMat, you have every

    KellyMat, you have every right to be cautious.  You were told you had cancer - fortunately Stage 1, but still, it was cancer.  

    What was the cyst found at the top of your vagina?  I am not saying that is anything, but after all you went through - I would want to know.  I will say, you are on a follow up schedule, and that is good - I think it is a sense of security to know someone is still looking at us.  How long is the follow up planned?  Five years is the 'magic' number we look for - five years clear to be declared "NED" (No Evidence of Disease). 

    What kind of symptoms are you supposed to be watching for?  I do hope cancer is in your rearview mirror - and I don't know all that much about cervical cancer, I am just thinking out loud.  


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    I have already undergone chemo and external radiation for stage 1 cervical cancer. They are now going to do surgery and believe a hysterectomy will finish getting rid of it. My body reacted well to the treatments and I only have a little spot left on the tip of my cervix. There is talk of possibly doing a little more radiation (very brief internal) after the surgery if necessary. My first thought in reading your message is to ask if they biopsied the cyst...just additional reassurance to me, but that’s strictly me and may not be someone else. Your doctor isn’t concerned and that sounds good, but I would feel the same as you.