Final chemo 3 weeks ago - still feel like a wet noodle...


Hi all, it has been a while since I posted - something to celebrate is that I finished my 6th and final taxol/carbo treatment!  However, it has been a rough road since:  I landed in the hospital with a fever and borderline neutropenia last week, and the weakness is incredible and does not go away.  It has been 3 weeks, and I can’t even take a shower without getting winded.  Has anyone else experienced this weakness, and how long does it last?  I wanted to get on the treadmill soon - wishful thinking, huh?


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    I was never that weak with either of my chemos, but I'm wondering if you might need a transfusion.  During both of my chemos, I had transfusions halfway thru, like once after the third chemo and once during the fifth. They waited a little longer with the last one because they were waiting for me to complain about my symptoms, but I wasn't saying much, even though my counts were really low.  You might want to put a call into your doctor and see if you can have one.  If not, maybe the doctor can recommend a change in diet that might help.

    My former boss (who hasn't had cancer) got sick and was so worn out, she had to take a nap after just taking a shower.  It turned out she had the flu, although the fatigue was her only symptom.  With a compromised immune system, I hope you haven't picked up something like that. 


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    What i can tell you is for me

    What i can tell you is for me it took time to get back to normal.  I remember after chemo i would try walking. To get my energy back. At first it was just to the corner and back.  I would add a little each day.  I cant temember how long it took but i d remember i had to be patient with myself and it really took longer than i thought. I didnt even want to celabtate until it was three weeks from the last chemo.  It becomes a new normal.  

    Be patient with yourself.  Others didnt understand that except people hear.

    I hope that helps

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    Chemo Effects Cumulative

    As much as one wants to celebrate that last chemo, it can be hard to do. That's because it's the one that's probably going to hit you the hardest. The effects of chemo are cumulative and it always seems like it gets harder and harder to recover after each one as you progress. How hard it hits you can also depend on how your treatment was delivered. If you had the sandwich method, the second round of chemo after radiation tends to hit harder than the first half did. Give yourself permission to take the time you need to can take months just like getting through treatment took months. Rest, rest, rest and keep drinking those fluids.

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    Most of us probably took a year to get our energy back and most of us would probably say our energy level never returned to what it was prior to having had surgery, chemo and radiation. Think about it has there ever been another time in your life that you were sick for 6 months or longer?

    It takes so much grace and self awareness to adapt to the changes one must accept after going through treatment.

    We once were so strong and prided ourselves on our strength and vitality but alas one may not ever regain what once was energetic vitality. Fatigue was foreign to us.  

    That being said, we all keep on doing what we can and need not make apologies nor feel guilty about what we may no longer be able to do. I draw boundaries around what I can do and if others don’t accept that it is too bad for them! I know my body and I accept that I run out of energy at a certain point and if I push myself too much it will take a day to recover. No apologies and no regrets!