Extreme cold sensitivity

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Hi y'all,

Has anyone else had extrene cold sensitivity, after my first treatment, everything was fine for about 4 days and the it felt like brain freeze in my chest when I  woke up. Now it is pretty consistant,  I woke up last night in such pain, I started throwing up ( which actually helped, I guess the heat going through :) ), I was wearing a tshirt, long sleave shirt, and a sweater past my knees under two  quilts and a sheet, how could I have been cold. Is this normal, am I a complete wuss, what


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    I had cold sensitivity

    I had cold sensitivity immediately after the infusion and I didn't experience it in my chest - mainly extremeties - mouth, nose, eyes, fingers.

    I found that nausea showed by about three days after infusiion as the anti-nausea drugs wore off. I'd suggest contacting your oncologist with your symptoms as I haven't heard of them before.

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    That sounds pretty extreme for several days after infusion.  You should let your doctor know just in case.  If it is because of the treatment they need to know what symptoms you are having.  Hoping you feel better soon.