Finally approved

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You guys probably won't understand this. I have a friend who had kidney cancer years ago and it went to his brain. He has been a major help getting me through this. After my surgery, I had bad dizzy spells and always wanted them to scan my brain. Just once, to look and be sure. After 2 or 3 other attempts, it has finally been approved. I think this will bring me some peace of mind. Everyone is going to say that kidney cancer generally doesn't go to the brain. But, I've seen it happen.


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    Great news I know where you

    Great news I know where you're coming from good luck.

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    Good Luck

    I have the same problem

    am a chromie so surgeon says not likely   but I keep asking

    other tests are ok but that does not stop your mind 

    praying for you



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    Good luck

    I'm glad you finally got approved.

    I'm sure it will give you peace of mind. 6 months after my surgery I ended up with bells palsy and had a scan. Definitely made me feel better.

    Best wishes  


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    CR--one only has to visit the "Smart Patients" website to know and understand that RCC travels to the brain.  Heck, not too long ago we had a post on here where a member talked about RCC as a growth on their face.  This is a very complex animal we deal with. 

    I'm hopeful your scans come back clear.  Good luck!


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    Brain mets

    haven't been that uncommon. Our dear Brenda fought them. However even though I have epidural cord mets, they have stopped at the base of my skull.

    I'm glad you will be scanned and put your mind at ease.

    BTW, they responded well with radiation.

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    Brain Mets

    It's not that uncommon. One of my local good friends (before RCC even, we got it within a year of each other) has some.

    BTW, I was preparing for a drug trial, and they did a brain MRI as part of the preparation to make sure I was staged correctly. So it is common that they do it for full staging. Generally they don't do it if you don't have symptoms. My understanding of the reason was that symptoms usually appear very early with brain mets.

    Best of luck. Hopefully you'll find nothing (but your brain, of course!)


    P.S. It did give me peace of mind.

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    Best wishes CRashter

    I'll keep you in nmy prayers and may you get the answers that will give you peace.


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    Good to you, I also wanted to

    Good to you, I also wanted to make sure it wasn't metastasized at the time of diagnosis, my oncologist accepted my request and I had brain MRI and bone scan to peace my mind otherwise I'd be crazy over every pain and ache


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    Good for you

    Good for you. Way to show perseverance. Keep us updated!

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    Good luck with the scans! Of

    Good luck with the scans! Of course it is better to know for sure. My husband had dizzy spells some time after the surgery. As he was Stage 1 Grade 1 nobody intended to do a brain scan. AFter some time he did have a scan due to totally unrelated reason anyway. It was clear and gave me peace of mind.

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    Apparently, I have a 3cm cyst on the front part of my brain, right above my left eye. Not cancer related, but I get to go and see a brain doc. Also, not related to the dizziness. Great.

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    It would bet better that they found nothing, but you know have somethingt to go forward with, and maybe it is related to your dizziness.   As an aside, what else have you investigated for your dizzyness - ear blockages, blood pressure, sugar levels, cardio health?   

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    Good news!

    I also worried on this matter specially brain and bones..... did discuss with my doctor but he seem it is not necessary at this moment. He more focus on the lungs and the organs nearby the kidneys..... 

    Anyway! Good News to you CRashster....

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    I hope this turns out ok for

    I hope this turns out ok for you, CRashter. I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but if I understand correctly, it's not cancer.

    Glad you went after this until you got it. We have to advocate hard for ourselves, sometimes. Your intuition was spot on here.

    Recently, I've had every possible scan except for the brain scan, while getting the kidney tumor/cancer diagnosis. Since my Mother died of brain cancer, and since my own cancer had metastasized, I thought surely they would do a brain scan before surgery. But they didn't. Guess I'll ask next time I see the Oncologist.

    So what is the next course of action on this for you? I hope you get it sorted out quickly so it can ease your mind a bit. I'm sure it's quite unsettling to say the least. All the best to you.